Noh Life Music Group (NLMG) is a digitally-based music collective & record label that originally started in Milwaukee, WI, then expanded to Newport Beach, CA. The label is an equally split, member-owned LLC operated by Ian Ewing, Cristian Strehlow, & Tyler Beck.

Our operating roles are as follows:

Cristian Strehlow – Owner // C.E.O. // Art Director // A&R // Design

Ian Ewing – Owner // C.O.O. // Head of A&R // Community Outreach // Legal

Tyler Beck – Owner // C.I.O. // A&R // Talent Scout // Finance

The three of us have been prominent members of the digital sound space for nearly a decade. With relationships in many different musical circles, we’ve gathered knowledge and connections that we feel are essential to the success and well being of our artists, friends, and collaborators. We continue to build off the concept of a close knit community where artists of all backgrounds can communicate, ask questions, and feel welcomed among individuals undergoing similar experiences. This provides valuable insight and perspective in an entrepreneurial world that can be complex and, oftentimes, daunting.

From communal resources like our Finance Club, to outsourcing our catalogue for licensing and sync placements, Noh Life will always be looking for ways to extend our network as far as possible to provide a mutually beneficial platform for artists to release music on. With a genuine desire to be an asset within the music scene and beyond, we’re excited to build a label that is for artists, by artists.

Thank you for joining us.